Katrice Thabet-Chapin, M.Ed., Ed.S., NCSP

I am the descendent of ancestors from Tanzania, Yemen, and Nigeria. Their journey to this land, in which I currently share space with our indigenous community, was about resiliency, teaching ancestral healing practices, and about safely preserving our lineage through the radical love of our people. I hold space for my ancestors, elders, and the next generation of stewards of this earth. I commit to seeing the humanity in all living beings and to be gentle and grateful of the land I reside on.

I am the mother to four beautiful daughters. Each so unique and each entering into the world in their own special way. I come from a lineage of joyfully round birthing bodies with traditional foods that nourished the soul. I come from storytellers who would share tales of the past until my aching growing body released tension and allowed me to fall asleep. I come from warm baths, aromatic body oils that smooth the warrior stripes, and herbal teas that fade away sadness that can come from uncertainty. I come from advocates and activists and from those who believe in body and land sovereignty. I come from the Ubuntu concept, “I am because we are”.

We do not walk alone. We walk with the birthing communities who came before us. The powerful birthing people who embraced their strength under the most unideal circumstances. We come from the community mothers who encouraged us to be vulnerable, to wash away any and all shame or guilt, and to embrace the power we have to bring life into the world. It is my hope that I can be a part of your sacred birthing journey and walk with you at a pace in which you can feel peace, confidence, love, and ownership of your birthing story. Together we will work on affirming the positive birthing traditions of the past while securing space to build upon new traditions for future generations.

Community Doula Alliance, Birth Doula Certification
Ed.S. School Psychology, Nationally Certified School Psychologist
M.Ed. and Pre-K-6 th Teacher Certification
B.A. Child Development
First Aid & CPR Certification
Food Handlers Permit

Community Activities:
Forward Together Birth Justice Policy Advisory Committee Member
2022 Black Maternal Health Conference Presenter
Black Birth Collective Village Gathering Participant
Co-Author of Anchored in our Roots Self-Care and Wellness Series
Oregon Doula Association Member

Continuing Education:
Diverse Perspectives: Supporting Black Birthing Families in ECE with Stephanie Courtney
African American Postpartum Care with Shafia Monroe
Tran Masculine and Feminine Fertility with Fertility IQ
Adopting Trauma Informed Care for Birth Professionals with Mother Tree Birth