What’s Our Mission & Vision?


Our mission is to create an exceptional generation of professional doulas, particularly Black, Indigenous, Latino/a/x, Asian and other racially and linguistically diverse, underrepresented doulas, who can enter the workforce with sustainable careers, improve maternal and infant health outcomes, and meet the ever-changing needs of birthing and postpartum people.


Our vision is to decolonize the birth work profession and eliminate the gap in maternal-infant health disparities and inequities that disproportionately impacts Black, Indigenous and Latino/a/x communities.

Our Strategic Goals:

  • Increase diversity in the doula profession by training Black, Indigenous & Latino/a/x doulas as curriculum trainers/facilitators
  • Bridge the gap between doulas and the Traditional Health Worker registry process
  • Prepare Black, Indigenous & Latino/a/x doulas to succeed in the workforce by providing business training, mentoring, and a supportive peer community
  • Ensure that underrepresented doulas of color make a livable wage by advocating for the value and effectiveness of doula services
  • Improve maternal-infant health outcomes, particularly within Black, Indigenous & Latino/a/x communities, by providing long-term, culturally-specific perinatal, labor support and postpartum doula care
  • Increase  equity awareness in the doula profession through education, training and community forums using a racial and economic justice framework
  • Collaborate and build sustainable partnerships with community-based organizations, policy advocates, local maternity care hospitals/clinics and community care medicaid funding organizations

 Who Are We?

We are a community-based doula organization that was founded by four seasoned, entrepreneurial Oregon doulas in September 2020. Our founders joined forces to address the public health crisis of the high infant and maternal mortality rates  and improve pregnancy and birth outcomes for birthing families.

Administrative Team

Kimberly Porter: Executive Director, Board President & Co-Founder

Marnellie Bishop: Director of Finance & Operations,  Board Treasurer & Owner of Hānau Doula

Raeben Nolan: Curriculum Coordinator, Board Secretary & Co-Founder


Merriah Fairchild: Faculty Staff & Owner of Bridgetown Baby

Brooke Noli: Faculty Staff & Co-Owner of Birth First Doulas

Want To Help?

If you want to help us create meaningful change in the Portland Birth Community, here are some ways to help:

Donate!  We have received a generous grant from a local foundation for 100K, and our current goal is to raise additional funding of 150K for organizational, doula training, and program costs. If you or someone you know would like to make a financial contribution to our fundraising efforts we are gratefully accepting donations.

Consider Being A Board Member!  We are looking for committed, skilled and resourced people who believe in our mission and vision to join the board.

Volunteer Your Services!  If you have a skill set you’d like to donate that can help advance our efforts we’d love to hear from you.

Social Networking!  Help spread the word about what we’re doing on your social media platform or by connecting us with journalism opportunities.

Build Bridges! If you know a person or organization that might be interested in what we’re doing please reach out to them and see if you can help build a bridge of connection on our behalf.

If you have a resource to donate, please contact Kimberly Porter at [email protected]