Irena Cheredayko


Irena Cheredayko, is a multi-talented force for positive change, weaving compassion and expertise into every facet of her life. With a rich background as a doula, social worker, health educator CHW, and translator, Irena has dedicated two decades to making a meaningful impact on the well-being of individuals and community.

Her passion is serving woman and their families throughout this momentous time. Irena accompanies women as they prepare for childbirth and continues to support them at birth and beyond. Irena shares her wisdom and understanding of birth, breastfeeding, and holistic parenting to advise and support women in decision-making. She sees her work as one of nurturing women as they explore their birth vision and walk with them as they uncover the practices that will bring them into being. Irena understands the dynamic nature of pregnancy, labor, and birth and incorporates these various aspects when consulting with clients.

Her nurturing spirit extends beyond the professional sphere, as she is also the proud and caring mother of four wonderful kids. She is balancing the demands of a fulfilling career and the joys of motherhood.

A doula, social worker, health educator, CHW, translator, and devoted mom, Irena embodies the essence of empathy, resilience, and commitment, leaving an indelible mark on the world through her multifaceted contributions.