My name is Felecia. I’m a native of the Pacific Northwest. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I am a mother  of four with one surviving son named Zahmi.

Why did I become a doula? During my last pregnancy I experienced racially traumatic induced stress from multiple care providers during my pregnancy, birth and after my birth. I didn’t like how I was treating as a woman of color. I felt like I had no say so in how I wanted my birth to go.

I’m striving to minimize the trauma induced stress dealing with infant mortality with women of color during their pregnancy and birthing journey! I love helping women, children, and families. My motivation as a doula is to help all families but mainly be culturally specific to families of color that are women, trans, genderqueer, gender and nonconforming people.

Now here I am, a black doula stepping into this life changing role and ready to take on the world and make magic.  As I continue my educational journey I can’t wait to learn more ways to help empower and support the families I will be working with one birthing experience at a time!