Erika Zamora Valle

THW/Medicaid Doula (pending) & Private Pay

Let me introduce myself .

My name is Erika Zamora Valle.


My ancestral heritage was formed by a traditional midwife grandmother and a traditional hiervera grandmother, I served at the Gynecology-Obstetrics Hospital and had the opportunity to compare a birth at home and in hospitals.

My dream was to be a Pediatrician but I graduated as a Zootechnical Veterinary Doctor, how curious it really is.

Well, when I arrive in this blessed country, I arrive single. Currently, I have a beautiful family made up of my husband, two girls and a boy.

I have currently been a Doula since 2016 and I am passionate about doing this profession because it allows me to learn about and support the different cultures and traditions of the women and their families that I support.

I have been certified in different areas in order to be able to provide better support and information to each of the women under my care so that they receive quality service.


  • GED 2013.
  • Oregon Office of Child Care Central Background Registry Oregon (2022 -2027)
  • Health promoter in Providence. (2013).
  • Birth and postpartum doula with Rita J. Aparicio Santiago (2016).
  • Certificate in walk with pleasure in Families in Action (2017)
  • Diabetes prevention certificate (2018)
  • Certified in child care with CC&R. (2018-2019)
  • Trauma Informed with Penny Simkin (2019).
  • Safe sleep in infants Development in childhood Care and Education.
  • Recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect (2021)
  • Understanding and Supporting Different Families (2021)
  • Shenyang Survivors Give Birth Phyllis Klaus and Penny Simki (2021)
  • Certificate in acupressure during childbirth DLI (2022)
  • Prenatal, childbirth and postpartum doula with DLI Sandra Hern√°ndez (2023).
  • DLI Oral Health Certificate
  • Ford Handlers Card – Washington county
  • THW certificate

Certificate in additions:

  • Good Samaritan CPR and First Aid
  • Prevention if better than treatment (PBTT)-The Oregon Center for Career Development in childhood Care and Education.
  • QPR suicide prevention.