Aurora Ayon-Mendoza

My name is Aurora, I was born and raised in Mexico. After marriage, my husband and I moved to the USA, where my three children were born. My own birth stories, and my motherhood guided me and shaped my interest to become a doula. I recognize the physical, social, and emotional impacts of the racial disparities that exist in the health care system. I am happy to be part of the Community Doula Alliance that created a space for diverse doulas. I believe that together we can work for more positive birth experiences and healthy pregnancies.

The way I support the families I serve is providing individually tailored, cultural congruent care, information, education, and physical, social and emotional support. I am a Certified Doula through Doula Caribe International, and a CEIM through Infant Massage USA. My greatest sense of achievement as a Doula and Infant Massage Educator is watching mothers and partners become confident, joyous and excited about the birth and parenting of their children.
A rebozo is my favorite comfort measure during pregnancy, labor, postpartum and all other beginnings and endings of cycles. It can be used in many marvelous ways. I cannot go anywhere without it! Initially I learned rebozo techniques from my mentor’s midwives. Then, I learned by Angelina Martinez, a traditional Mexican midwife.
I feel honored to be able to share some medicine from my homeland, and I offer to any woman special care like the Mexican postpartum ritual “cerrada” that is also called close the body with rebozo; the “apertura” that it is a ceremony of aperture for fertility, and the “manteada” that is a gentle sifting technique in pregnancy or labor. I also do Placenta services following OSHA standards and I am certified with Biologix in Bloodborne Pathogens for Placenta Encapsulators.

I am happy and fortunate to serve families from my Hispanic community and enjoy working with people of other backgrounds and cultures and learning from them as well. Every birth I have been presented with and every family I have supported has taught me something new. I believe that giving birth is a powerful ceremony and I just want to support, motivate, and remind women to trust and reconnect with themselves in their most sacred time.
My philosophy is to provide families with unjudging support, honoring their process by allowing them to choose the options that fit best with their values, beliefs and desires.

I volunteer serving the Spanish-speaking community promoting health education, prevention, and access to services. I am a Promotora de Salud which is the Spanish term for Community Health Worker. Also, I have always been interested in gardening, that is my hobby, and over the last couple years I have become extremely attracted in wildcrafting and herbalism, so I turned it into reality, and I spend some of my free time into making herb- infused oils, healing salves, and alcohol tinctures with herbs from my own garden. My garden and my family nurture me.