Telia Anderson

Telia is a mother of 4 who are all adults and also identifies as a person in long term recovery. She is the owner and founder of Yasiin’s Luv. Her profession in birth work and trauma informed care started as a Peer Recovery Counselor and Doula at Legacy Midwifery Clinic serving women with Substance Use Disorder while pregnant.

Working with our women has been an amazing experience for me especially considering this is the same community I once was a part of. I received my certification for recovery mentor and recovery counselor through MHACBO of Portland, Oregon. Under this certification I have also served as a Subject Matter Expert at IC & RC and Camden Coalition Blueprint for complex care.This experience is what fueled my passion to become a Doula. I completed Mother Tree Doula and ICTC Doula training in 2015 and since then have attended 200+ births. Being a Doula has taught me how to hone my personal life experiences into skills to better suit the community I serve, like addiction, recovery, mental health therapy and trauma informed care having a holistic and trauma informed approach.

I also have some public speaking experience by presenting at NAPSW- National Association of Perinatal Social Work, OHSU Grand Rounds, National Perinatal Association, HealthShare conference, Swanman Conference-Legacy Health and a few more addressing the Peer Recovery Counselor/Doula role combined to support Pregnant women suffering from substance use disorder, sexual and interpersonal trauma. I also trained DHS and Peer mentors Child Welfare Peer best practices, Trauma informed Care for Doulas and DMAP for Doulas who want to be billing providers.