Nanu Saywon

THW/Medicaid Doula & Private Pay

NanuSaywon is dedicated to walking alongside birthing people and their partners through their
pregnancy, birth and postpartum journeys. She brings an equity, patient-centered and trauma care lens to her work as a doula and believes that everyone has the right to an exceptional birth. She is an advocate for racial and health equity and is passionate about reproductive justice. She is continuously helping families reach their health goals in her current role as a Community Health Worker.

As a migrant from Liberia, Nanu has had the honor and privilege of exploring various cultures and viewing the world from a different lens. She finds fulfillment in her role as a doula, advocating and equipping families with tools to aid them on their birth journey. Nanu started her career as a doula in her late teenage years where she often found herself supporting her friends and relatives and helping them plan their birth experience they deserve. Serving families during their journey through pregnancy, birth and postpartum has been a great honor. Nanu has passionately been providing pregnancy and parenting support to families. The reality of health disparities and maternal health outcomes for black mothers has driven Nanu’s passion for birth work. Nanu feels fortunate to be part of Everyday Miracles, and to be serving families in her community. As a Doula, educator, and facilitator. Nanu’s audience has included individuals from different walks of life. She incorporates her life experience in equity and engagement principles within her doula services to empower birthing people.

Nanu got certified as a birth and postpartum doula in 2018 with Shafia Monroe Consultant.
As your doula, she’s not a replacement for your partner, does not replace anyone, especially the partner, rather she is a bridge that connects everyone to the birth and a source of comfort and strength for the birthing person. As your doula, Nanu will be there to listen to whatever you need to say and encourage you to advocate for yourself, she will also give you some physical and informational support as needed. Your voice matters and your birth matters, and Nanu will be there to remind you of that. Nanu is also there to help with comfort measures and birth positions to insure you get the birth experience you desire. Nanu respects the importance of holding space for you to experience birth in your own way while your family is changing and growing, and will make sure you are cared for while you discover new versions of yourselves. She is the Founder and CEO of Makandja Doula Services LLC. Nanu serves on the Portland Doula Association board sounds like someone you’d want to spend some time with, please contact her.

Nanu is a Certified Traditional Health Care Worker. Nanu’s desire is to honor, empower,
encourage, and educate soon to be mother’s and their families during one of life’s most
cherished times by providing them with support and education to make the best informed
choice for your experience and is delighted to join forces with Community Doula Alliance to create a safe and equitable birth journey for birthing moms.

Certifications and Trainings

  • SMC Full Circle Doula Training
  • Certified OHA Traditional Healthcare Worker,
  • OHA Oral Health Training
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Cultural Competency Training
  • Patient-Centered Care training
  • Basics of Breastfeeding
  • Introduction to childbirth,
  • CPR/BLS Certified,
  • Community Health Worker
  • Peer Support Specialist