Lilian Olero

THW/Medicaid Doula & Private Pay

Lilian is a  CHW/PSS/CLC/Birth Doula and also a co-founder of Pendo la mama Doula services that specialized in doula support in Portland Oregon. Born and raised in Kenya, she worked with Kenyan Parliament  for 10 years before moving to the U.S  and settling in Portland Oregon where she currently works with African family Holistic health organization on  maternal health with women  from all over African .

In addition to that Lilian has a degree in business administration and has travelled the world she is bringing in the vibrance and richness from mother Africa and her caring nature.

A mother of two grown up kids, She is self-driven and passionate about empowering women in the community, educating, informing and supporting them during their birth experience, especially Swahili speaking women, She is passionate about her work and always trying to impact her community. She brings with her the bilingual and rich culture into the organization through her support, advocacy and empowerment for women.

We are fortunate and proud to have her as one of our board members.