Aleecia Hodges

My name is Aleecia, I am a Birth Doula, Wife and Mother. I enjoy the outdoors, going on hikes, camping trips and occasionally getting away to a hot spring with my family and friends. I am a proud Portland native. Something that makes my heart sing is helping people and building relationships. I was able to experience the best thing in my life, birthing my first child in December of 2020, my baby boy. Childbirth and motherhood is so magical, Intertwined with all things natural and powerful. I find myself amazed by the process of birth, each one so different and uniquely beautiful.

Being a Doula is my calling, my duty is to be able to help a pregnant person have the best birth experience, to feel comfortable and stress free. Most importantly, I like to build trust with my clients. Not only is birth a personal and vulnerable environment but having trust will also help me advocate for my clients during labor in times where they can’t advocate for themselves. My passion is working with BIPOC families and interracial families. BIPOC mothers aren’t given the opportunity to be supported or provided the care and knowledge that white women are privileged to receive. Being a Black Doula in Oregon is even more important when you are limited to a handful of black care providers in the Portland metro.

As a Black Doula/ Woman of color, I provide my clients with evidence based facts to help equip them for their birth plan. Knowledge, so they are well informed and supported in their decision making. Comfort, in being supported by someone that looks like them and relatable. Providing my clients with evidence-based information helps them feel entitled to making their own decisions, consenting to their own experiences and feeling confident in saying “NO” when they disagree or aren’t comfortable. As BIPOC people, we need support and I want to be that, especially when it comes to having a better birth story than our ancestors. Doulas are the change!