Elle Molokwu

I am a reflection of my Nigerian ancestors whose strength, endurance, and survival breathes life into my soul. I pay homage to my ancestors for the guidance they give me and the paths they continuously create for me. I’m guided by their hands as I practice my full spectrum doula, reproductive justice, and land stewardship work.

My belief is that it is a human right to know the teachings of our ancestors. Through my work with Northwest Reproductive Justice Collective, we are helping to reclaim, uplift, and affirm ancestral traditions of the past while weaving in creation and liberation now and for our future generations to come. For me, liberation comes in the form of food equity, climate justice, land back, and body sovereignty.

In my practice and life I mirror the visible and invisible souls that were not given the right to show their gender fluidity. I adore human diversity and the variances in nature that are provided.

I’m proud to say I am queer with a uterus and comfortable in my gender non-conforming skin. I believe that every human should be embraced and should feel safe in experiencing the world in a matter that is right for them. My desire is to create positive experiences in reproductive care for Black, Brown, Native, and Indigenous birthing individuals who embrace gender fluidity within our communities.

I believe that when we are community we are stronger than when we are alone. Community is the key to success for black and brown bodies.