Dinorah Santana

I am a Latinx, Multi-cultural, first-generation, full-spectrum community birth worker, born and raised in San Diego, California. Growing up in a family rich in advocacy and community care. My birthing philosophy is a reflection of that ancestral and generational knowledge.

With the support of Community Doula Alliance, I now incorporate trauma-informed care and mindfulness to uphold and center the birthing communities here in Portland, Oregon. I have a “come as you are” approach to birth work and the clients I hold space for. I will meet you wherever your pregnancy and birth intersect in your life’s journey.

My goal as a doula is to help cultivate your birth vision with physical, emotional, and environmental support wherever you birth. Through the use of labor pain management, sensory engagement such as essential oils, tone matching, and visualization all to felicitate an empowered and informed birth experience.