Alicia Roach

My name is Alicia Roach, I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I am a mother and teacher to 5 wonderful boys. My journey as a Doula began about 18 years ago long before I even knew of the term. I started with supporting friends and families through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. I loved every minute of it! Supporting mothers through the joy, fears, and uncertainties of childbirth, came so naturally for me that I knew becoming a Doula was the path I needed to pursue. Years later, I became a mother and experienced similar challenges during my pregnancy, as well as L&D and postpartum. Being the helper that I am. I was not able to get the support I yearned for. Having experienced these challenges during my pregnancy and knowing how naturally skilled I am with supporting mothers really solidified my path as a Doula. It has always been through the power of the community that I have received unconditional love and support. It would be a disservice to me and what I believe in if I did not give back to my community with the same unconditional love and support as a Doula. I believe that every expectant mother and their family should have the best labor and delivery experience possible.